The past year showed us that people were ready to get out and about, but that they also still cared deeply about the spaces to which they returned. 

These are the top design trends that defined 2022, and we expect these trends will continue to be major design staples in 2023 and beyond. Keep reading to gather inspiration to create a space where you love to live. 

  1. Spa-like Bathrooms 

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, so it is important for this space to help you accomplish everything you need it to. Beyond function, more of our clients are building a spa-like oasis for ultimate relaxation: with luxurious soaker tubs, rainfall shower heads, and soft natural lighting.

The highlight of this Williamsburg Estates Drive bath is the soaring bay window bringing the outdoors in, without sacrificing privacy. All-white cabinetry adds to the room’s peaceful ambiance, with plentiful storage for keeping fresh towels at arm’s length after a soak in the tub. Why shouldn’t every visit to your bath feel like a trip to your favorite high-end spa? 

  1. Large Islands

Your kitchen is a multi-functional area where you spend time cooking, working, creating, entertaining friends and family, and the list goes on. Because of its prominent role in your household, your kitchen should be thoughtfully designed to accommodate a myriad of functions. One of the simplest and most satisfying ways to accomplish this design objective is to incorporate a statement-making, oversized island to ground the room.

A large island provides necessary countertop space plus storage and a seating area. We love how the black and white marbled top at Lisa Valley Court coordinates with the chrome appliances and hardware to achieve a look of sleek sophistication. 

  1. Statement Colors & Textures

Your home should truly reflect your personality, with pops of color, texture, and patterns that speak to your passions, vision, and lifestyle. One of the things we enjoy most about our design-build process is helping our clients choose statement features that add an unexpected element to their interiors:

  • In this lower level, the striking brick backsplash plays off the industrial nailhead table and rich black cabinetry. 
  • Another client customized their fireplace with a slate grey and white patterned tile
  • The textured tile in this bar area adds drama and an energizing sense of movement to carry your eyes through the space.

Statement color can also be used much more creatively than a basic accent wall. This client’s custom orange stove is playful and adds warmth. In fact, this modern space caught the eye of St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles for its Kitchen of the Year award. 

  1. Thoughtful Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked, but highly important element to consider when designing any space. A well-lit interior improves its function while allowing you to be intentional about the mood you are hoping to convey — and, a quality custom light fixture can serve as a high-end statement piece. 

We also take the time to thoughtfully consider how lighting can carry our eyes around a room. The lighting in this Barkley Place Custom Home project draws the eyes up to their coffered ceiling. 

  1. Earth Tones 

The past few years have been about bringing nature inside with rich, earthy tones and varied wood features. While all-white cabinetry continues to be a dominant trend, light wood cabinets have emerged as an ultra-modern feature. We appreciate the subtle added warmth of light wood, which sets off sleek steel appliances in a way that is both intentional and effortless.

For lower levels, these lighter wood tones brighten up both large and smaller spaces. This lower level emits cozy vibes with a board and batten black wall, floating shelves, and a white stucco fireplace. The flooring contrasts nicely with the moody elements throughout, including the custom frosted sliding glass doors. 

  1. Hidden Storage

A cluttered home creates stress. We’ve seen how utilizing every inch of space can make a big difference in achieving harmony. This client’s sliding barnwood doors hide additional storage space for purses, jackets, and papers — the items that need to be within reach, without cluttering up valuable counter space.

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