Do you have a small bathroom, but still want a updated, new grand look? Our Design Team can assist you in creating a bathroom with a big impact. As an expert in kitchen and bath remodeling in St. Charles, MO, Liston Design Build can help make your bathroom look and feel more spacious by assisting your with various flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, and lighting options. We can customize the design to specifically cater to your wish list. Here are some creative ways to make your bathroom look larger:

 Small Bathroom

Mix Light and Neutral Colors

A light color scheme provides an open, airy feel. White on white has been an upcoming trend, but may be too sterile for some. Designing with a neutral palette in grey’s or beige’s creates swarmth and still provides a larger feel. Staying with a monochromatic theme but mixing sizes of tiles from floors to walls creates a cohesive look. A dark wood stain on your bathroom cabinet can increase the overall aesthetic.  And then finish details like accent tiles, cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures, mirrors and lighting will give you a grand look in a small space.

Choose Open Shelves

While storage is a must have in a bathroom, a vanity cabinet can  physically and visually take up space. Consider a vanity cabinet wiht open shelves allowing the eye to travel from wall to wall, making the room look larger. For both style and function, store your soap, glass canisters, and towels on these open shelves. Woven baskets or decorative bins add a custom design element to the bathroom and keep the space organized and tidy.

Invest in Windows for Natural Light

Consider incorporating new bathroom windows in your home remodeling in Chesterfield, MO. Windows will flood your space with natural light, giving the bathroom a pleasant, airy vibe. Clear or frosted glass windows let in the largest amount of natural lighting. You can also decorate your windows with sheer fabrics to filter the light and increase your privacy.

Floating Vanities

Consider a floating vanity without legs. These attach to the wall and keep your floors clear, which can make the room look and feel more spacious while still providing storage for all your bathroom necessities.   Adding accent lighting under the vanity creates a custom upscale look.

Liston Design Build uses the highest-quality materials and products to ensure a successful home remodeling in St. Charles, MO. Call us today at (636) 940-9417 to talk about your bathroom remodel.  Our Design Team will  assist you with creative solutions for inspired living.